Monday, April 30, 2018

Are You Awake Now?

By Jorge Barrios - Own work, Public Domain,

Are You Awake Now?

You can’t read while dreaming, or tell the time. In our dreams we only see faces that we already know. As he was falling, he waited for the wings to spread. Falling dreams typically occur at the beginning of the night. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination. King Henry VIII slept with a gigantic axe beside him. The nightmare was the same every time. Learning exactly how to control your dreams is a crucial part of lucid dreaming. You have no sense of smell when you're sleeping. Flying dreams are older than airplanes. One day he would fail to wake up before he crashed. If you die in a dream, do you ever wake up? Recurring dreams indicate the presence of an unresolved conflict. He hoped it wasn’t today. Everybody dreams. A man drove 22 miles and killed his cousin while sleepwalking. Can you think you are awake when actually you are asleep? Folklore suggests placing a knife under the foot of the bed. Are you awake now? Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as pillows.

GloPoWriMo Day 30 - a poem that engages with strange and fascinating facts

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