Thursday, December 20, 2012

This Above All

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by visualpanic

This is a Twitter poem. The words in it are not mine. They belong to the people I follow on Twitter - my network. True, I rearranged them and cut them and shuffled them until I turned them into something that I could call my own. I changed the punctuation a bit, but I kept capital letters and uppercase.

All these words, phrases and sentences are taken from the Tweets that appeared on a single day - 3rd December, 2012. A day in our life.

Soulful Sunday
Dec 03,2012
Each Day of Our Life 
turns shadows into
A Jar of
Butterfly on a leaf
Plum Pudding
Games and More.
Antidote to Lack of 
Delayed by
 the “what” and “how” -- 
Snowy dreams
Comic Strips 
The thin line between
 restraint and
misplaced modifier trouble.
Footsteps of
the loneliest number
very seriously
Waiting For
... fireworks...
The Cosmic Log 
Some Rest.
The Tower of Babel
ALL Welcome.
10 Million Users
Rethinking the
slippery slope.
Save the World?
Vote for
 those you love
Ben, old and wise, always
the quiet one,
As She Sleeps,
Best Geography.
I enjoyed mispronouncing
10 easy steps to
 Vitamin D.
of this before,
centuries ago.
Will Andy arrive?
My heart may
and More.
My day
for Better Results.
and I tonight 
special guest on
One Minute of Life.
[In case you missed it]
Dec 03,2012
Soulful Sunday.
This above all.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Long Thursday

Medieval lighting / IluminaciĆ³n medieval cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by . SantiMB .:

Cigarette smoke always makes my eyes water. Some of them are still without electricity. I remember her cheese pies. He says it is rheumatism. It was devastating, such destruction. A teacher isn’t supposed to lose his temper like that. I have never felt so abandoned. Should they be included or sent into special schools. Hurricanes are a terrible thing. She died on Thursday and it was also my late sister’s birthday. Life is so funny, isn’t it? We never had a hurricane here. He is going to be operated on Monday. Thursday was a hard day for everyone, even I felt unwell. He won’t be here for the funeral. Yes, and Tanja works there. She said to me, how long is it until Thursday. No, I don’t know who Tanja is. I brought him his laptop, some movies and his shaving kit. I can’t wait until Thursday, it is too long, she said. I also brought him chocolates. Someone should open that window, my eyes hurt. Three large suitcases.  I am hungry, she said. After that, nothing. Imagine all that force, devastating. Have another piece of cake. I don’t want to talk about work today. And those poor people. You made her proud, you worked and  raised that kid all alone. Cigarette smoke won’t kill you. And you managed to get your degree. Hospital food is terrible. They asked me which coffin I liked. You were a good daughter. And they sent me to physical therapy. Devastating. What is there to like about a coffin. Therapy helped, I hope. She said why is this Thursday so long. After that, nothing.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by maywaskind

Red bricks,
The inside of an old handbag,
In their absence.
And why on earth do lemmings do that?
Once days get longer
Sadness, unexpectedly.
Though nightmares tend to be
More interesting.
Who is taking care of his cat
After the suicide?
Winter is long,
But at least there is hope.
A yellow mailbox.
Will there be scars?