Sunday, May 1, 2016

My 2016 GloPoWriMo Favourites

Harris' Sparrow, March 24, 2016
Photo Credit: gurdonark via Compfight cc

Going Home

We conspired to stay here forever,
but the house crumbled around us.
The house is gone from the maps.
The river rose and washed it away.
We found ourselves, stranded,
at the top of the hill,
A newborn sea raging beneath us.

They said in the papers
the sparrows were coming back.
They built a home for the sparrows
high up in the oak tree.
Now we have to wait.
We have nightingales and flamebirds,
but no sparrows yet.
Some people don’t believe in sparrows.
They say those are just stories
told to children at bedtime.

I am going home.
My decision is final.
I will find my home
exactly as I left it.
Not a brick will be missing.
My home, as I wrote it down.
My palace, as I painted it.

GloPoWriMo Day 16

The Old Witch’s Mare

I am the mother of dragonhorses.
My children can fly into the clouds and over the sky.
No man can keep me.
I have flown with eagles and run with wolves.
So you fell asleep and lost me?
You knew that would happen.
Look under water, maybe I have grown gills.
Maybe I am hiding with foxes or sleeping with bears.
Maybe those are my eyes lurking in the dark.
You have found me twice already, but
you can’t keep running after me forever.
What kind of life would that be?
Sooner or later you will lose me again
and that will be your head on the stake.

I am proud to say that I was the featured poet for Day 21  on the NaPoWriMo website with The Old Witch's Mare. This poem was inspired by Gold Apple and Nine Peacocks.

GloPoWriMo Day 21

Unhelpful Advice

How to Build a Butterfly House

I hate to be the one to tell you:
don’t live in houses.

How to Dehead an Iris

Before you dehead an iris,
give it a fair trial.
Everyone deserves one.

How to Create a Dream Garden

To create a garden of your dreams,
You must learn to dream
in your garden.

How to Be a Domestic Goddess

You either are,
or you aren’t.
Nothing I tell you will turn you into one.

GloPoWriMo Day 19