Monday, April 18, 2016

The Unhappy Ending

Ready for a close up.  Appliqué peacock feather with swarovski elements and hand embroidery #swarovski  #swarovskielements #handembroidery #peacock #peacicknecklace
Photo Credit: Marg Dier Embroidery via Compfight cc

The Unhappy Ending

A tree of solid gold apples,
the king’s youngest son,
soft rustle of velvety wings.
As the apples started to ripen,
a luminous peacock,
burning with desire,
alighted on the young prince’s bed.
“Awake my darling!”
The prince slept on as if he were dead.
Tomorrow he can see us here again, but nevermore.
With these words the peacocks flew away.
He drew his sword and cut off his servant’s head.

Before midnight the apples ripened, lighting up the whole garden with their dazzling brightness. She mounted the dragon king’s horse and returned to her kingdom, where she reigned until the end of time.


GloPoWriMo Day 18

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