Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Morana & Vesna

I am the cold.
People say I am evil
because my breath turns everything
into ice.
They fear my beauty
and the wolf that sleeps inside me.
I am Perun’s daughter,
my mother is the Sun.
I am born every winter
As the clock strikes midnight
And the New Year begins.
With me, my brother,
My husband, my only one.
Stolen from his cradle, he wanders
the underworld.
Forgetting who he is,
He seeks the warmth of the fire.
I wait.
He comes to me
in summer.
He never stays long.
The winter makes him restless
and he slithers underground
where it’s always hot.

This is my NaPoWriMo Day 2 poem. The prompt is mythology and the inspiration for this poem was one of the many versions of the Slavic myth of Morana, the goddess of winter. In this version, Morana's twin-brother and lover Jarilo marries her in summer, only to leave her and disappear underground in winter.


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