Monday, April 28, 2014

I Wouldn't Have Settled for Anything Less

                                     Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc

Tight-rope walking
can become routine
if you practice every day.
There is comfort in
the familiar movements,
the wind on your face
the view.
The perfect balance
and the walk
from point A
to point B.
You see the whole picture
and you are grateful
for that moment
of complete stillness
when nothing is happening.
It is OK to
look back
and enjoy the memories.
Try not to think too much
about the future.
Spread your arms wide
and be completely still.
The beauty of repetition.
The same jokes,
still funny after all those years,
the crazy belief
that nothing will ever change.
Call us lucky,
but I wouldn't have settled
for anything less.

                                    Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc

It is Day 28 of NaPoWriMo. When I publish this, I will have only two more poems to write. That makes me sad, though I am really, really tired and I need more sleep. This is a love poem. I used the Day 28 April PAD prompt, which was to write a settled poem..

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