Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Into the light (Explored)
 Photo Credit: Brian Smithson (Old Geordie) via Compfight cc

It never ends.
You follow the path
and it doesn't take long
before you realise
that you are walking in circles,
passing the point you started from
thousands of times.
It is all right
you'll never get tired of this,
your muscles crave the repetition,
you look forward
to the familiar landmarks.
Yet the real challenge
is in noticing the differences:
the position of the sun
on your face,
the way the ground feels
under your feet
and the sound of your own voice
in your ears
as you sing
the same tune
over and over.

It is Day 30 in NaPoWriMo, the last day. I posted every single day and on some days I wrote more than one poem, so I need to count the poems and see how many I have written (yes, I am boasting). I am grateful to all my new friends for reading my poems. I am planning to continue posting once a week. What are your plans?

Albert feared the finality of completion. Photo Credit: zen via Compfight cc

By the way, I used the Day 30 PAD prompt.


  1. Well done! I missed a few days but posted 23 times. I like this poem very much, the repetition of thoughts and words and the familiarity of doing this myself. It is nice to see someone else who stops to notice the little things in life!

    1. Thank you. I think you did great with 23 poems.