Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Maiden Who Was Swifter than a Horse

Photo Credit: Muffin_elfa Flickr via Compfight cc

The Maiden Who Was Swifter than a Horse

She wasn't born of a woman.
She is a snow-child.
The Wind breathed life into her.
The Forest dressed her in leaves.
Fairies taught her everything she knows.
They say she can outrun a horse.
They say she knows spells.
If you make her cry, her tears will flood the world.
When she wants to hide from you,
deep forests grow from her single hair.
Many tried to have her.
She melted like snow between their fingers.
Many died or lost their minds over her.
You knew all that, still you lusted for her
alone in your castle at the top of the hill.
You were ready on the day of the race.
She stood barefoot in front of your horses.
Many died in the flood, or got lost in the woods.
Some gave up, but not you.
You dismounted your horse, you took off your shoes,
barefoot, you stood before her.
You asked her to stop, in God’s name.
She waited for you and said nothing.
She let you lead her by the hand.
All night you rode together,
her arms around your waist, her head on your shoulder.
All night you talked to her.
In the morning, you arrived home
and there was no one behind you.

GloPoWriMo Day 8 - mysterious and magical things
Inspired by The Maiden Who Was Swifter than a Horse (a Serbian folk tale)