Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Post

Mailbox cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by cindy47452:

It was their home.
I don’t know 
What they thought or felt,
If anything, 
But they must have enjoyed
The garden
And the kind autumn sun.
The cold must have killed them.
They say this happens to wasps
When the weather changes.
They also say the queen leaves the nest
And goes into hybernation 
During winter.
I hope she did that.
The nest was still there,
The mailbox was full of them.
There was nothing else inside.
Nobody writes letters 
These days.

My NaPoWriMo Day 6 poem. I used the PAD Challenge Day 6 prompt (the word was "post").


  1. This poem makes me feel a bit sad.. Like something is missing. It's a nice poem though, I like the allusion to bees and wasps - did you know that wasps never go back to an empty nest?
    It's sad that no one writes letters anymore.. Though some do.. I try to write letters when I can. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!! :)

    1. Yes, the whole incident made me sad too. It is our holiday house, which we lock during winter, so it was a little sad to find the nest in the mailbox the next spring. Which is silly, considering that the wasps only behaved the way wasps normally do. Being a human and not a wasp I started thinking about all sorts of symbols and metaphors...

      I Googled wasps last night and read an article about them, so I learnt a couple of facts. I knew about the nests, though. We find abandoned nests all over your garden.

      It is great to hear that you still write letters.