Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Can't Do This Any More

Untitled cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Massimo Margagnoni:

We meet at midnight,
Tired and disillusioned.
The habit has set in.
I drag my feet through the mud
To reach the empty field
Where you are already waiting.
Why am I the only one
Doing the hard work?
You take my time
And leave me frustrated.
Every night I promise myself
I will not come.
For thirty days we meet,
We wrestle.
I suffer.
You grow.
You feed on my misery.
You have put on weight
Since we started.
I am drained.
I am fading.
I have nothing else
To give.
Yet I keep coming.
I drag my feet along this path
Filling it with my words,
My life,
Carefully coded.
Each night
A new riddle.
Where will you take me next?

My Day 10 entry for NaPoWriMo. I combined the NaPoWriMo prompt and the 2013 PAD prompt for Day 10.

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