Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Do You Like Them Cookies

strangers. cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Josh Kenzer:

You will hunt by night and sleep by day.
You will tear everything you weave and enjoy both activities equally.
You will hide your dreams in a drawer out of fear that sunlight will turn them into ashes.
You will be a voluntary insomniac.
You will be faithful to everything you touch – the people, the objects, the memories. You never know when you might need them on your side.
You will forever be thirsty.
Are you sure you want one more? They are fattening, you know.

My NaPoWriMo Day 21 poem. I seem to have run out of things to say, but I am still posting. I also did the PAD Day 21 poem. They are connected.

20071021 - Grandma's birthday - 140-4068 - weird fortune cookies

Why I did it

I stole the cookies
And replaced the messages.
You need to lose weight.


  1. These are great. Not bad for not having anything to say.

  2. Thank you both. I was struggling with these. Almost didn't post.