Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 13 - In the Woods

Magic! between the trees cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by fatboyke (Luc):

It is a nice day.
Nothing spectacular,
But the sun is shining and
It is warm enough.
I leave the building,
Go past the shops,
The school and the open market,
Past the swimming pool, now padlocked,
And into the woods. 
It is different here,
Cool and dark
And I need my sweater again.
The trees know it is spring time,
Thought some of them 
Still have bare branches.
The ground is soft,
A little muddy,
Not too bad.
There are ferns by the path
And a red plastic bag.
A dog is wearing red too.
It is a sweater
And he must be hot. 
Maybe he is a she,
I don't know.
I try to record mentally 
Everything I see,
For I will have to write about it
Still, I lose track
Of the number of times 
I hear a bird singing.
I fail to notice
The green numbers on trees,
The swings
And the birdhouse, 
As I am weighing pros and cons
And pluses and minuses
And good sides and bad sides,
Thinking of a decision I will have to make,
One day,
Though maybe
I will never have to make that decision,
But it is better to be prepared,
Just in case.

My NaPoWriMo Day 13 poem


  1. I feel like I went on a walk with you. Love the randomness of your thoughts.

  2. I feel like I went on the walk with you, too; and I'm just as mind-muddled. need some coffee. maybe that'll help....
    Nice poem.

  3. Thank you both for the comments. I really am mind-muddled and I need a lot of coffee. The crazy thing is that the day was beautiful, the wood was beautiful and there I was treating it like homework that had to be done. Plus I kept thinking about unimportant things.