Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 12 - Cracks in the Wall

Crack in the Wall cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by rabiem22:

There are cracks
in the walls
the house is tilted
to one side
your legacy
before our eyes
we do nothing
we watch
time passes and the garden
gives in to entropy
new plants, new trees
and that rosebush that’s
gone wild.
Time passes and your legacy
changes and people
stand on the doorstep,
then leave
never to come back and I
remain inside, though time
leaves traces on me too.

The first poem was written using the 2013 April PAD Challenge prompt for Day 12.

And in the second poem I used the NaPoWriMo Day 12 prompt.

trying to blend in cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Darwin Bell:

I will not write a poem about you

I will not write a poem about you
I promised never
I will not mention you in my poetry
You will never get in here
This space is mine
Password protected
And secret
The days I read my poetry to you
Are finished
I know you are scared
Your thoughts are censored
Your ground is firm
You see me clearly
And, in your vision, I am safe
As long as I stay away
From poetry.
Who knows what might be revealed
If I write a poem about you.
Don’t worry.
I will not
I promised I wouldn’t.


  1. You're so good!

    1. Wallis, the feeling is mutual. I will certainly keep an eye on your blog too.

  2. Beautiful site and two wonderful and linked poems. Welcome (?!) I believe you are new to PAD (?!) wonderful writing Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much. I am new to both PAD and NaPoWriMo, as this is my first year. Still, I have been following both challenges from Day 1. I look at both prompts and then I pick the prompt that I like more (or combine the prompts, or even write two poems the way I did here). It is hard, but rewarding.