Thursday, April 30, 2015


Photo Credit: JP-Flanigan via Compfight cc


and you’ll hear from me no more
i would love to stay but my time here is over
please remember me well
poetry is not really meant to be useful is it
i wish i could tell you something useful as we part
my voice is weak already
i bury the scroll
today is the last day of poetry

The poem was written backwards, starting from the last line and ending with the first line (see the prompt). I got rid of punctuation and capital letters for practical reasons.

This is Day 30, which means that I have completed one more NaPoWriMo Challenge. I have posted at least one poem every day, sometimes more than one. Some poems need a lot of editing, of course.

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  1. thoughtful, pensive, and perfect. (I looked at the prompt and threw up my hands) ~