Monday, December 17, 2012

Long Thursday

Medieval lighting / IluminaciĆ³n medieval cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by . SantiMB .:

Cigarette smoke always makes my eyes water. Some of them are still without electricity. I remember her cheese pies. He says it is rheumatism. It was devastating, such destruction. A teacher isn’t supposed to lose his temper like that. I have never felt so abandoned. Should they be included or sent into special schools. Hurricanes are a terrible thing. She died on Thursday and it was also my late sister’s birthday. Life is so funny, isn’t it? We never had a hurricane here. He is going to be operated on Monday. Thursday was a hard day for everyone, even I felt unwell. He won’t be here for the funeral. Yes, and Tanja works there. She said to me, how long is it until Thursday. No, I don’t know who Tanja is. I brought him his laptop, some movies and his shaving kit. I can’t wait until Thursday, it is too long, she said. I also brought him chocolates. Someone should open that window, my eyes hurt. Three large suitcases.  I am hungry, she said. After that, nothing. Imagine all that force, devastating. Have another piece of cake. I don’t want to talk about work today. And those poor people. You made her proud, you worked and  raised that kid all alone. Cigarette smoke won’t kill you. And you managed to get your degree. Hospital food is terrible. They asked me which coffin I liked. You were a good daughter. And they sent me to physical therapy. Devastating. What is there to like about a coffin. Therapy helped, I hope. She said why is this Thursday so long. After that, nothing.   

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