Friday, April 26, 2013

He Casts His Nets

dedicated to Branko Miljković

rescue Photo Credit: Mike_tn via Compfight cc

He casts his nets
The sea will not rest tonight
He is not afraid to listen to its song.
He leaves, he just walks out
And takes the fire with him,
The thief.
He is not afraid to walk through the wood
That has eaten the sky.
Still, he cannot find her,
The girl with the flower in her name.
In the underworld
He searches for his brother
Who has failed.
He carries a torch
And is not afraid
To turn and look behind him.
He doesn’t belong among the dead
But they won’t release him.
The victim of murderous words,
He is not afraid to be walled in.
Tamed, the Hell will eat out of his hand
And sing.
He casts his nets.
He draws them out, empty.
He is the fish on the table today, 
His blood, the ink for the writing orgy
Of those he knows will come after him,
Of the happy ones
And the cowards.
But today
He still has only
The fire
And me.

My NaPoWriMo Day 26 poem. I modified the NaPoWriMo prompt and combined it with the PAD Day 26 prompt. The poem is dedicated to the Serbian poet Branko Miljković who has influenced my poetry a lot. What I tried to do here is write a poem about his poetry and to create a collage of his pictures and metaphors. The nets are my idea, though :)

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